Our parts department carries an extensive supply of official factory replacement parts.

Situated in Modena we have easy access to the Maserati Factory and are able to supply our customers with up to date information on the availability of parts.

We supply and ship official Maserati parts to our customers all over the world.


We have now produced front spoilers for both the Merak and Bora.

If any one is interested they are now available.

Prices on request info@candinimodena.com.


Radiator hose for: Ghibli 1st tipo, Ghibli 2nd tipo and Indy.

Brake Master Cylinder for Mistral and Quattroporte 107.

Brake Master Cylinder for Quattroporte III, Ghibli SS, Kyalami and Indy 4700.

Prices on request info@candinimodena.com.


We have had re-manufactured wheels for the Ghibli 115 in aluminium, because the original magnesium wheels become fragile and dangerous with age !

These aluminium wheels are cast from a single block.

Prices on request info@candinimodena.com.

We have re-manufactured parts for the Maserati 8 cylinder engines.

Exhaust and intake valves

Valve guides

Prices on request info@candinimodena.com.

We have re-manufactured the gaskets for Maserati Biturbo 2000.

Gaskets for Maserati Biturbo 2000

Camshaft housing gasket

Rocker cover gasket

Intake manifold gasket

Exhaust manifold gasket

Cylinder head gasket

Water pump gasket

Prices on request info@candinimodena.com.

We have re-manufactured these "dummy" wheel nuts for the Campagnolo wheels
as fitted to the Ghibli, Indy, Khamsin and Mexico.

Prices on request info@candinimodena.com.

We have re-manufactured these retractable blinds, according to the original design,
to cover the luggage in the rear compartment of the Mistral and Indy.

Prices vary between the Mistral and Indy, and whether you may want the mechanism complete with its artificial leather blind in a colour of your choice, or without.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

Prices on request info@candinimodena.com.

Front bumper kit for the Maserati Bora converting the ugly USA version
into the more desirable European version.

We manufacture these bumpers, as per the originals, in stainless steel.

The kit contains:

2 Stainless Steel Bumpers
2 Sude Lights
2 Sided Light Brackets
2 Front Bumper Grilles
1 Trident

Prices on request info@candinimodena.com.

A tool kit and bag, made to the original design, for the classic Maserati.

Prices on request info@candinimodena.com, and depend largely on the number of tools included.

In each case, please let me know for which model the kit is required.

We have re-manufactured sets of synchronizers/synchro rings for the ZF S5.17 5-speed gearbox for the Maserati 3500 GT Touring and Maserati Sebring.

We have tested them and they work very well !!!!

These sets are impossible to find, and it is for this reason that we have re-manufactured them, and we don't have that many !!!!!!

I speak good English and am only a phone call away!

+39 059 828280
e-mail: info@candinimodena.com